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Mellie Grant Season 4

Mellie Grant Season 4

Get To Know The Scandal Cast: Reoccuring Guests

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Anonymous asked:
"I like when you talk about meeting Bellamy and other cast members. Don't worry about the haters, I like to hear it and live vicariously through you. I'm happy y'all get to meet them! Don't stop sharing the stories because of jealous people."

I can’t help but get a little more private as the hate comes in but I’ll try to keep sharing as much as I feel comfortable! Bellamy gave me advice about the hate I get (because she’s a bit of an expert at this point) so I keep that in mind and it helps me block out most of it. I always answer questions and share a lot more with those off anon so that’s an option too! Thank you for this, lovely! It truly means a lot<333

"To the anonymous complaining that they live in RI: I live an entire country and an ocean away from her. Sometimes it feels like I live in fucking Narnia! The chances of me meeting her are close to none! But if I had met her I wouldn't stop talking about it! I mean, I already can't have a conversation with my best friend without bringing up her name so... But seriously, dude!!! If u don't like Rachael talking about BY then GET THE HELL OUT of her social media! Do it. U're the one with problems."



"I want to be an actress when i grow up"

Marrying The Game || Cali Wants To Be The Next Kerry Washington (X)

Representation MATTERS

"The fuck you think this is? Like are you mad or nah? Obviously you mad. But hating on one of the sweetest people on earth isn't gonna do shit. So leave her alone. I feel like I have to say this multiple times to get it through your thick head. You want to send hate? Send it to me and off Anon. Grow some balls and stop hiding behind Anon. So go somewhere with your salty feelings. Bah Felicia"

Imma leave this one too because damn she’s mad and protective like whoa now you did it anon

"I swear Anon, if you don't leave my Rachael alone I will jump through this computer and punch your grey ass. Stop getting salty and butt hurt cause Rachael met Bellamy and you didn't. Stop being salty. This is Rachael's tumblr, and she shall post whatever the fuck she wants. I seriously don't know why y'all hate on her? Shes seriously one of the nicest people I've ever met. Shes done NOTHING to deserve your shit. You being salty about her meeting Bellamy and not you, won't get you to meet her"

Imma just leave this here because you pissed off the wrong person anon. Alyssa is not one to be messed with…

Scandal Season 4 Cast Photo

Scandal Season 4 Cast Photo

Scandal Ladies’ Season 4 Promo Pics

Scandal Season 4: Mellie Grant &amp; Abby Whelan

Scandal Season 4: Mellie Grant & Abby Whelan






people who say “i can’t stand watching it anymore, so hopefully this will be the last season of grey’s” can go fuck themselves okay NO ONE is making you watch it.